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Keeping Your Pets Safe By The Pool

Among the different animals people have as pets these days and how much they feel like they are part of their family it’s important to consider safety precautions to make sure they stay both happy and healthy. Whether it’s just one dog or cat to a whole backyard full of different pets big or small it’s very important to address the different ways in which your backyard pool can harm any of your pets and address them accordingly. Here, the best company that does pool services in Phoenix has compiled a list of different tips on how to keep your pets safe from your backyard pool whether it’s an above ground or built-in pool.

First, Pool Resurfacing Phoenix would like to start by stating not all animals have the instinct to swim. All animals‚ just like humans‚ can panic or get tired or just not have the ability to swim strong for long periods of time. If you let your pets outside to use the bathroom or just run around by themselves and they aren’t strong swimmers then put up a fence around the perimeter of the pool’s edge so they don’t jump in or fall in accidentally. If it’s an above ground pool though then just be sure to move the ladder or steps on the side that allows you to get in as well as any chairs or other furniture as your pets can still use that to jump in the pool. Installation of a pet safe ladder as a backup plan is a good strategy too as it will give your pet an easier way to exit your pool should they ever jump or fall in by accident.

Another important thing to remember is the different chemicals you use in your pool on a regular basis. Whether it’s an above or in ground pool they all require certain chemicals that could be quite harmful to most pets in general. Chlorine‚ just like with us humans‚ can irritate the eyes and/or skin and be very harmful if ingested. The best ways of preventing such problems is by placing and securing a tarp over your pool after pool services in Phoenix has treated it so they don’t accidentally drink the chlorinated pool water. Placing barriers of some kind like a fence or removing access to the pool itself is a great deterrent as well. If your pet does however jump or fall into the pool then immediately rinse them off with fresh water to prevent scratching and irritation.

Safety gear is a great idea too especially for owners who have smaller‚ weaker or older pets that struggle to swim very well. Things like doggy life vests are widely available in many pet shops and relatively inexpensive especially considering the safety of your beloved pet. Also investing in pet goggles to keep chlorinated pool water out of their eyes is a smart purchase for most pet owners who like to go for a swim with their pets but don’t want them to get red irritated eyes.


Another thing to remember is your pool equipment. Your pool pump and main drain can cause your pet to get trapped and injured or‚ even worse‚ killed. Although it’s recommended to run your pool pump for an average of eight hours a day it doesn’t necessarily need to be eight continuous hours straight. Turning off then on for short periods of time while your pet is out in the backyard using the bathroom is a great way to ensure that they won’t drown or be entrapped and injured in the drainage pump itself.. Some people also don’t properly place their electrical wiring around their pool in a safe manner. Pool lights and other electrical equipment should have the wires tethered to the wall or polls firmly to keep your pet from being accidentally entangled or trip on them especially since electricity and animals simply just do not mix at all.

One other hazard Pool Resurfacing Phoenix would like to point out is pool toys. Although they can be much fun for your pet under the proper close supervision but without supervision they can present a real danger to virtually all pets. To prevent this from happening just store the toys in a sealed container in which your pet can’t access. If that is not an option then putting them somewhere far out of reach from your pet is the next best thing. Deflating and storing any floatation devices is also a good idea as your pet can accidentally pop then bite off part of it and it can get stuck in their throat causing them to choke.

Pets can be curious‚ intelligent and even driven at times so we hope that these tips and instructions help keep your pet happy and healthy while enjoying every aspect of your backyard including your pool.

The Cutest Way To Keep Your Pet Forever

We all love our pets more then we can even explain, and when they must leave us, it’s one of the most difficult things to go through. It really is losing a member of the family. Luckily, you can now get custom stuffed animals that are exact replica’s of your pet! This is the best thing to come along in a long time! So let’s look at some of the benefits of having your pet in plush form.

The first and foremost reason is customizability. In fact, it is basically the entire reason that it is beneficial. It’s called “custom made” after all. The amount of dog cloneoptions you can choose from is staggering, and you can basically direct the production of your stuffed animal yourself. You can tailor the entire stuffy to your tastes, from the model to use as reference, from pictures of your pet, to the textile used. The former option is great because there are some things which don’t have stuffed toy versions, a thing that is remedied by ordering your own custom stuffed animal. The latter option is most important to people with allergies to specific textiles or textile paints, and through ordering your own custom stuffed animals, you can avoid allergic reactions from holding your favorite plush toy, unlike ones sold in toy stores.

Another good reason for buying custom stuffed animals is better quality. Since requests from clients are usually unique, stuffed animals are never drawn from a template, and enough attention is given to each plush pet to ensure cat clonethat there aren’t any flaws. This ensures that the finished product won’t get ruptured easily and will be practically future-proof if it is just set on display. This is because each request is mostly hand-made by the professional craftsmen employed by these companies, unlike regular plush animals that are produced in factories and are prone to factory defects. The fact that these companies mostly make them by hand means they also use more environment-friendly methods to produce them than the bigger companies.

All in all, custom stuffed animals are usually better than generic factory-produced ones. One downside to this is that the production and delivery of your stuffed animal could take a bit of time, unlike just grabbing a stuffed animal off a store shelf, which takes virtually no time at all. Another disadvantage is custom materials and reference models could incur a slightly pricier sum than regular stuffed toys, but if you really want quality and customizability, a couple dollars’ addition is definitely worth it.