Month: March 2015

The Cutest Way To Keep Your Pet Forever

We all love our pets more then we can even explain, and when they must leave us, it’s one of the most difficult things to go through. It really is losing a member of the family. Luckily, you can now get custom stuffed animals that are exact replica’s of your pet! This is the best thing to come along in a long time! So let’s look at some of the benefits of having your pet in plush form.

The first and foremost reason is customizability. In fact, it is basically the entire reason that it is beneficial. It’s called “custom made” after all. The amount of dog cloneoptions you can choose from is staggering, and you can basically direct the production of your stuffed animal yourself. You can tailor the entire stuffy to your tastes, from the model to use as reference, from pictures of your pet, to the textile used. The former option is great because there are some things which don’t have stuffed toy versions, a thing that is remedied by ordering your own custom stuffed animal. The latter option is most important to people with allergies to specific textiles or textile paints, and through ordering your own custom stuffed animals, you can avoid allergic reactions from holding your favorite plush toy, unlike ones sold in toy stores.

Another good reason for buying custom stuffed animals is better quality. Since requests from clients are usually unique, stuffed animals are never drawn from a template, and enough attention is given to each plush pet to ensure cat clonethat there aren’t any flaws. This ensures that the finished product won’t get ruptured easily and will be practically future-proof if it is just set on display. This is because each request is mostly hand-made by the professional craftsmen employed by these companies, unlike regular plush animals that are produced in factories and are prone to factory defects. The fact that these companies mostly make them by hand means they also use more environment-friendly methods to produce them than the bigger companies.

All in all, custom stuffed animals are usually better than generic factory-produced ones. One downside to this is that the production and delivery of your stuffed animal could take a bit of time, unlike just grabbing a stuffed animal off a store shelf, which takes virtually no time at all. Another disadvantage is custom materials and reference models could incur a slightly pricier sum than regular stuffed toys, but if you really want quality and customizability, a couple dollars’ addition is definitely worth it.